What is it about?

Usually, each of us met with the concept of cutting down trees, i.e. getting rid of the aboveground part of a tree or bush. The basic difference between cutting and grubbing applies to the root system of plants. Cutting consists in getting rid of only the above-ground part of the trees, thanks to which both our roots and the stump remain on our plot. In the case of grubbing, we also get rid of the underground parts, thanks to which we are able to re-use the area. This term also applies to the removal of roots after earlier cutting.

For what purpose

It is carried out in order to reuse the area. If the place after the tree or bush is to be developed, the roots must be dug, and the soil losses in this place replaced with soil, fertilized from another place. Then we can use the area for replanting or development.

As a rule, we decide for the grubbing up of trees because of insufficient space or because of having an older tree threatening the safety of existing structures. However, clearing and grubbing up are not as simple as it seems, which is why it is worth getting acquainted with the basic rules and rules of conduct connected with these activities.

Grubbing is a complex multi-stage process that requires professional equipment, knowledge and experience, so it is worth using the services of a professional company with qualified employees who will help us carry out this process with proper security.