What is a cookie file?

Cookies are small text files created automatically by a web browser when visiting websites. The information contained in a given cookie file can be read only by the website from which this file originates. Thus, the website can not access other files on the user’s computer. Thanks to the information contained in cookies, the website “knows” how you use it and can adjust the content displayed for you or offer you help.

What do the bank websites use cookies for?

On the portal website we use technical, analytical and marketing cookies.

Technical cookies they are necessary for the proper functioning of the portal. We use them to:

  • optimize our website for devices and browsers, which most often use people visiting it – thanks to your computer, tablet or phone will display it correctly and legibly, ensure the security of your transactions in the online banking system;
  • remember whether you have agreed to display selected content on the website;
  • keep your session when you visit and log in to the online banking system or use other features of the portal.

From analytical cookies we use it to improve the functioning of our website and measure, without identifying your personal data, the effectiveness of our marketing activities.

Among other things, using analytical cookies, we create aggregate statistics and analyzes that help us understand how our website is used. These activities allow us to constantly improve the structure and content of the portal so that it meets the needs of our current and potential clients as much as possible.

In the case of this type of cookie, we use Google’s solutions and tools, i.e. Google Analytics and Gemius, i.e. Gemius Traffic. For more information on Google Analytics code and Google’s cookies, see  Google Analytics rules on security and privacy.

Marketing cookies are used to match the content and forms of advertisements displayed both on our websites and in the advertising networks of our partners, including Google, Gemius, CR +, Onehorizon, Tradedoubler, Tradetracker, GroupM, Appnexus, Facebook, Sales Manago, Banker, Comperia, Ebroker, LeadMax, McNetwork, Money, TotalMoney, for your needs and preferences.

More information about cookies used on the Google Display Network can be found on the website Google AdWords Help.

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