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Our entire surroundings are a range of possibilities

“Another space opens before us when we start to assign special significance to some places: when art lifts us beyond commonplace ordinariness, when we add a festive element to our everyday life, when we enrich our human space with an extraordinary dimension, enriching it with the extraordinary dimension. the effort to define it in the form of an aesthetic norm.”

Henryk Waniek

That’s how it began

The company started in 1991 under the name “Garden and Orchard”, after several years, with the extension of its scope of activity, change its name to “HOUSE AND GARDEN”. The year 2009 is the next and this time the target name NORDIKA, under which we operate today.

From the moment of its foundation, we specialize in the construction of various types of road surfaces, bus bays, parking lots, driveways, squares, sidewalks, terrain elements, elements of small architecture, strengthening of embankments, embankments and comprehensive designing, arranging and care of green areas, parks, gardens and football fields . By employing highly qualified and experienced employees and using only tried-and-tested materials that have certificates of conformity with the Technical Approval of the Road and Bridge Research Institute, we are able to satisfy all your expectations and provide a guarantee for the work we have completed for a period of two years. The company employs several dozen employees, including: construction and greenery engineers, technicians and pavers, gardeners and magisters of surgery and tree care. We have a European quality certificate for grassy grounds and field football fields. We supply ourselves at a Dutch grass factory that serves most of the largest stadiums in Europe. We are fully self-sufficient, we have our own machine park that supports the entire range of works entrusted to us. We are an experienced partner whose knowledge is based on specialized employees and years of practice.

Space is the inspiration

The internal space becomes the reality of the building.
                                                                 “Frank Lloyd Wright” 

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